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Why we do what we do.

If we put a sign on our office door, yard entrance and a tag every outbound order, they would read something very much like this; "You deserve the best ductile iron pipe, valves & fittings and we have an unbridled passion to make you uniquely successful!" A lot of words for a sign.

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How we do what we do.

We invest our cash flow in the best people and processes. We also inventory in-demand process piping and fittings. When you ask us to propose supplying you with the ductile iron pipe and fabrication services your project requires, we're all eyes and ears. And technology. And experience and expertise.

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What our customers are saying...

"We're out in West Texas, so nothing is really convenient when it comes to water. When a flatbed with a critical load of pipe arrived Friday morning, we started to unload. Then, OMG, the existing pipe was misaligned. Crazy. We started calling pipe suppliers and the responses were not good. Most couldn't handle the retrofit at all, one or two said 7 to 10 days."

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leslie-temp"We are blessed to have become one of the most successful and fastest growing U.S. pipe fabrication and distribution companies because we are superb problem-solvers, facilitators and communicators. As a full-service supplier of ductile iron, carbon, stainless and PVC pipe throughout the Americas, our customers reward the value we deliver by coming back to us for their next projects - again and again. Thank you!"

Leslie Cohen, President